Youth Member of the Month

I’m figuring out who the youth member of the month is now by who solves the puzzle on the back of the calendars the quickest. This month Jesse Dunn was the 1st one to show me his puzzle solved. The youth member of the month gets to be interviewed and gets some sort of reward… maybe it’s a cool present, maybe it’s a box of Cracker Jacks, but you’ll never know what you get unless you solve it first. Here’s Jesse’s interview:

Tell me a joke.

I’m thinking hold on… I’m trying to think of a really good one. Uh, Where do pirates go eat lunch at? I don’t know where? At R-by’s!

What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Philippians 4.12

If you had to choose would you rather eat three pounds of MM’s or three pounds of raisins?

3 lbs of mm’s, duh

Which one are you more afraid of: long walks on the beach, pretty sunsets or a pack of bears?

Long walks on beach… I think I could take a pack of bears! Buh-yeah Bears…can’t touch this duh, nuh, nuh. Oh no you didn’t just break out with Vanilla Ice!

What are your top two favorite sports?



What was your favorite activity this summer?

Zoo; the jungle gym. Whoooo!

What do you think your prize for solving the puzzle this month will be?

The interview. That was my prize wasn’t it?

What kind of puzzle do you want for next month: Crossword, Find-A-Word or Sudoku?


What’s your favorite song and who sings it?

Holla Back – Lost Trailers

What’s your favorite movie?


What color is your favorite wrestling singlet?

Royal Blue

If you had to cut down a tree would you rather have a HERRING or a catfish?


What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

Burger King

What have you always wondered?

What have I always wondered?…(as he scraths his head silently) From Facebook: Why is that Frisbee getting bigger? Then it hits me!

What’s your class schedule like this year?



Weight Lifting


Health Science and Education


English II

Guitar Class

Who’s your favorite teacher?

Coach Cody – weight lifting teacher

What’s your favorite class?

Weight lifting

Why do you own a pug, and why is his name Pugalicious?

His name is Tojo, Steve had a friend that gave us Pugalicious, I mean Tojo

Who’s your favorite NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon

Why is NASCAR all in caps?

Cause it’s an acronym. National…hold on I’ve got to write it down. N.A.S.C.A.R. stands for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing.


Campers Come Home With Renewed Spirit

As most of you know the BYG headed off to camp last week. I think I speak for the whole congregation when I say that their beautiful singing voices were greatly missed. Now the BYG and their beautiful singing voices have returned, and they brought some passion for Jesus back with them. Here with me now is Jordan Richmond McCool and Joseph Gibson Conrad ready to answer a few questions and to give us a little insight into their week at camp.

Did camp change your life? Yes.

In what way did it change your life? The lessons were very uplifting. It was good to get away for a while and really make time to study the Bible.

Did you meet any nice ladies? Well Mrs Mccorkle sure is nice lady. (not exactly the answer I was looking for, but oh well…)

What did you learn about? We learned about the armor of God.

What is your favorite piece of the armor? Sword of the Spirit and the shoes of peace definitely take the cake.

Did you notice any false doctrine being preached? It was good for the most part. (Yes we noticed that they said “for the most part” and are investigating this heavily)

How was the food? The meatloaf was so bad they used it as fish bait. Then even the fish wouldn’t eat it. So basically I ate a lot of crackers and lost five pounds.

Did Andrew ever tickle you while you were trying to sleep? Well Andrew is more of a poker, which I guess is a form of tickling, so I guess he did tickle us from time to time.

So as you can see our boys and girls had a good time. There is no doubt in my mind that their lives have been changed for the better. Feel free to stop a youth and ask them about their camp experience. Our goal is to blend the youth with the non youth in hopes that our church family will continue to grow closer. The BYG loves you.

In Christian love,
Intern Ross

and the youth member of the week is….

The staff here at Bethel thought it to be a good idea to award one deserving youth member a featured spot here on our blog once a week. We base our decision on who this lucky youth is by measuring the level of their awesomeness during certain scheduled youth activities. We are proud and honored to award ASHLEY WILLIAMS with this weeks youth member of the week award! The following is a little Q and A I had with Ashley so that you, the reader, can get to know her a little better.

1. How old are you? seventeen. I cant wait to be eighteen though!

2. What grade are you in? Going into the eleventh grade.

3. What is your favorite food? Pizza and cottage cheese. Thats why I love the BYG because they give me lots of pizza! I wish they gave me more cottage cheese though.

4. Most embarrassing moment? My aunt got stuck in the mud and we had to help her get out and so we put these wood things under the tires and they flew out and hit my ankle. So embarrassing. But we got it out though…

5. Favorite person over 65 years of age here at Bethel? Clifford Owens

6. Do you love your sisters? Yes… Well most of the time -laughter-

7. New King James or New American Standard? New King James.

8. Abercrombie or American Eagle? American Eagle

9. Favorite t.v. show? Everybody Loves Raymond.

10. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully I will be a photographer or an Elvis impersonator.

So the next time you see Ashley around the building stop and talk to her. She is a great gal and you will surely benefit from being her friend!

BYG Has New Youth Minister!

Some of you may be wondering who is this young man ploppin’ down behind the youth for the last few months? Well that man has a name and it is Christopher Harold French. He is the new youth minister here at Bethel. We are proud and honored to call Chris our youth minister. He has major plans to do major things.  And no he is not married to Drew Barrymore, just a serious look a like.

The following is an interview conducted by me, Ross, asking Chris a few questions in hopes to better inform you, the reader, of who this man really is…

1. Where did you graduate college from? Freed Hardeman… whoop whoop (Yeah it was kinda weird when he said the “whoop whoop” stuff)

2. What is your favorite t.v. show? Law and Order followed closely by C.S.S. Las Vegas

3. Do you believe in the common good of man? Yes, yes I do.

4. Who is your favorite youth intern? I have not found one yet… (Awww)

5. Abercrombie or American Eagle? A.E. baby

6.Favorite food? Lamb. Especially lamb gyros.

7.Whats your family dynamic like? Well I have four dogs, two cats, a guinea pig, and somewhere in all that is my wife Kelly. I love her, and my dogs…

8.Favorite insect? N/A

9.What do you collect? Ties!!! Books.(it is good to have a youth minister who reads)

10. Do you love Mcgriddles? Yeah I do. I gained ten pounds while commuting to Bethel the first few months I worked here. That is mostly to blame on the almighty Mcgriddle.

11. Favorite Author? Robert Jordan

12. Dream car? ’67 Stang

Well that concludes our interview and therefore my first post on the BYG blog. Please stay tuned for more amusing, often insightful news that can only be found here on the Bethelyouth08 weblog!

p.s. Andrew Allgood loves you